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Emerald Lake State Park - Dorset VT

Posted: Mon Feb 13, 2017 7:15 pm
by ctyanky
Winter greetings! BRRRR! What a week of snow storms here in New England. :shock:

Has anyone been to Emerald Lake State Park in Dorset? I'm massaging an itinerary for one of my fall weekends and this location has come up here and there on the forum. I would like to hit it when there is some color and also see what the park is like as well as the hike around the lake. I am going to the Dorset Farmers Market one Sunday before I head to Waitsfield and want to combine the two as well as a stop at the Dorset Quarry (I've been to the quarry but just love it there enough to hit it again). If I start early enough, I can do all three! Any advice on the park and Emerald Lake itself is welcomed! :D