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Re: Have You Started Thinking About or Planning Your 2017 VT Foliage Trip?

Posted: Sun Aug 13, 2017 7:21 am
by ctyanky
I took my luggage down yesterday! It is part of my anticipation frenzy for the VT foliage vacation that I couldn't resist any longer :!: After Labor Day, which is fast approaching, I'll begin the staging area for accumulating my "stuff" for the trip! :mrgreen:

Yesterday I spent hiking two trails in NW CT to get in shape for my VT hiking and we saw a lot more dulling of the trees and tips of random treetops turning bright red and orange. Sensitive fern cover turned brown, indicated that temperatures had dipped into the 40's recently in the higher elevations where we hiked. Deep in the cool forest, you can actually "smell" the change....

The emerging flowers peaking out from the budding pumpkins that were recently planted in the fields were quite a sight to see! Also, a few signs along the back roads broadcasting fall festivals in Sept and Oct added to my anticipation of things to come. :D

I have my Delorme, Jimapco and Cartographic maps out and will begin to seek out new routes in the three places I have booked my inns at.

And lastly, I heard from Phil again and he is going to join the gang for our meetup either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday of the first week in October. 8)

And time marches on.....................

Re: Have You Started Thinking About or Planning Your 2017 VT Foliage Trip?

Posted: Sun Sep 10, 2017 6:08 am
by ctyanky
Hello foliage friends! Here I am a month later in this thread and I've started to get my "stuff" together in the staging room with just under 3 weeks to go! So much to take to VT as I never know what the weather is going to be! I have my maps ready and hiking and horseback riding gear and a variety of warm clothing for the gondola rides to the mountain tops! These cold mornings have really "sparked" my foliage fever and I hope you all are experiencing the same excitement. 8)

The mums are out on my porch as well as all my autumn d├ęcor and early leaf change is all over northern CT. We were in Chester, VT last weekend but it was still pretty green with a few flares along the roadside. The Vermont Country Store was quiet and easy to shop in. The town of Chester was so still, but the shopkeepers are quite excited for their foliage festival this coming weekend! If you haven't been, it is a delightful festival with great food and vendors. Lots of nice back roads around the area as well.

I'm excited to see all my old and new friends in just a few weeks! And time marches on to the great foliage adventure! :mrgreen: