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Off Topic-NW CT Fall Foliage 2016 slideshow

Posted: Sun Nov 27, 2016 3:09 pm
by markm
Hello again,
ctyanky invited me to NW CT to discover that part of New England's version of Fall color display. I've been eyeing that region for years but never got around to do it. This year was the time to do it. It ended up being a 12 hr day, but I managed to get a decent flavor for several towns that were planned for. After a hearty breakfast at the Wandering Moose Café (close to the West Cornwall covered bridge) it was time to venture out for photo ops. Tree color varied as well as leaf covering, due to several factors. This particular day was after a rain storm had hit a day or two prior (plus snow at higher elevations), a dry Summer and early Fall, and that day's forecast was for 20mph winds. Part of the challenge was finding appropriate scenes combined with remaining leaf cover and decent color. Most of the hot spots targeted beforehand were found by GPS and maps. I think I came away with some good enough photos to share with others. ctyanky coaxed me to post a link on here of a slideshow of pics I took on this visit to share with those who might be curious to what this area provides. I would like to go back again and get more pics from areas I didn't have enough time to see.

Here's the link if interested


Re: Off Topic-NW CT Fall Foliage 2016 slideshow

Posted: Sun Nov 27, 2016 6:48 pm
by ctyanky
Hello Mark: Well we certainly had fun chasing down the color in the NW hills! Your photos are such nice memories of a beautiful fall day in West Cornwall, Goshen and Kent. Normally the water is much heavier in Kent Falls but we are in a severe drought and the falls reflect that. Still some pretty shots! If anyone is wondering why so many scenes at the end of the farm in South Kent, well you just had to be there. It is CT's mini version of Jenne Farm and the place is magical. There are so many angles in which to photograph the farm on Treasure Hill Road, you can go crazy there. It's hard to predict the foliage there, I never seem to hit the color right but Mark you did a great job! I had a super nice time caravanning with you in my neck of the woods, the simply divine northwest corner of Connecticut. So many small quaint towns and back roads with lots of farms dotting the landscape, historic homes, covered bridges and old New England charm at every corner.

Thanks Mark for joining me and hope we can do the Northeast Corner of CT (aka the Quiet Corner) sometime soon. The landscape there is a whole different ball game, isn't it? The towns of Woodstock, Pomfret, Union, Eastford, Canterbury, Andover and Putnam to name a few, are New England countryside at its best! Thanks for posting memories of our fun day searching for color :D You'll have to come back and hit Norfolk and Lake Waramug next time around! :wink:

Re: Off Topic-NW CT Fall Foliage 2016 slideshow

Posted: Sun Nov 27, 2016 9:42 pm
by markm
Thanks for the comments ctyanky. The NE CT area is another area that's worth checking out with snow scenes. The area is less hilly compared to the NW section, but not all flat! Brooklyn is also a good town to see. Keep it in mind...