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Foliage Update SE Corner VT Today 10/15

Posted: Sat Oct 15, 2016 8:23 pm
by ctyanky
Very surprised how green it was from Brattleboro up through Newfane (route 30)! The hills east of the West River were barely turned with some higher elevations getting ready to turn in the coming week. Very sad how low the river was, almost non-existent in many places with a lot of rocks showing. I think this corner of the state would be very nice the end of next week and into the following weekend. We drove a few back roads in Townshend before we hit the horse show and these roads were peak. It seemed like in general, the back roads were hit or miss in color. Some brilliant yellow and gold trees and some with leaf drop. We drove some dirt roads Deer Valley, East Hill Road and Peaked Mountain Road, all of which were quite beautiful!

We didn't go further than Townshend so I don't know how 35, the Grafton Road, looked like for color. Going into Brattleboro, looked like summer to me. This whole corner has a ways to go but the trees are healthy and look to withstand any upcoming weather, if any at all.

Driving down through Deerfield, the hills are very early with spotty, patchy peak areas.

More tomorrow on my amazing day at the Townshend Pumpkin Festival, the horse show and meeting another great forum poster! :D