Message for Markm from Southeast Mass...

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Message for Markm from Southeast Mass...

Postby ctyanky » Sat Oct 15, 2016 6:05 pm

Mark: I hope you got home ok from the horse show. I know you are probably on the road still thinking about all your images from your long day today!

It was GREAT to meet you at the arena and I thought it was hysterical that I found you in your black baseball cap spot on! I felt like I had known you for a long time just corresponding on the forum. 8)

We hit two horrendous car accidents on 91 south in CT and they shut down the north bound side in two areas. So glad to get home and off those roads!

I'll post more about the wonderful day today when I catch my breath! Looking forward to your photos! :D "CT" :mrgreen:

p.s. if you two are going to Equine Affair in Springfield in November let me know and I'll meet you there. I want to buy a helmet and riding stuff!

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Re: Message for Markm from Southeast Mass...

Postby markm » Sun Oct 16, 2016 4:44 pm

Hi there!
It was nice to meet a forum member in person for the first time. It was helpful to know a little about your "forum personality" beforehand so I would feel less like strangers. I usually do my VT trips solo, so meeting up with you or others is foreign territory for me. Thanks for your open arms, it helped a lot. I recommend you as the Forum Greeter :P
I made it home OK from the Friesian horse show. The long ride home let me absorb the places, things, animals, and people I came across.
I got home a little before 7pm. I noticed the full Harvest moon and had to stop at a local pond to capture it as well.
I took way too many pictures this season to post on this forum. I will try and create a slide show on YouTube when I get the chance.
I'm not sure what my plans are for the Equine Affair. My GF usually goes with one of her horse friends. I usually sit that one out.
I'll let you know of any plans if going.
Thanks again for your welcome,

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Re: Message for Markm from Southeast Mass...

Postby ctyanky » Sat Oct 22, 2016 7:12 am

Hey Mark: just saw this post. Thanks for the forum greeter recommendation! :lol:

Your solo days are over. :shock: Looking forward to showing you around my neck of the woods tomorrow in the Northeast corner of CT! We have a lot on the agenda so get some rest tonight! See you at the West Cornwall Bridge at 9 and if you need food, stop at the Wandering Moose Café located at the bridge for one amazing breakfast and baked items! I'll bring my binoculars. It's going to be quite cold and breezy but blue skies! Don't forget the gps coordinates of the various farms we talked about in Kent and Cornwall!

See you tomorrow! Very excited! :D

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