Thank you everyone!!!!

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Colorado Mom
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Thank you everyone!!!!

Postby Colorado Mom » Tue Oct 11, 2016 8:38 am

First all all I am a planner to the max but after reading and joining this forum my plans changed each day! I can't even begin to thank everyone for all the info each day that made our trip fantastic. We saw amazing colors because of you!! It was an adventure for my hubby and I to read new post each night and figure out where we are off to next.Thank you ctyanky for the great food were right on and I would love to follow your adventures thru Connecticut. Last year we flew into Hartford and just drove thru I was sure wanting to explore but didn't have time. We will be back!! I will be checking back in to see where everyone is going as I'm kinda hooked now :D In the mean time everyone ENJOY LIFE!!!!!

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Re: Thank you everyone!!!!

Postby ctyanky » Tue Oct 11, 2016 5:07 pm

Colorado! What a nice post! So happy for you! This forum is certainly amazing isn't it? Real time on the spot foliage reports! I know you will be back next year, I can tell already! You are definitely hooked! :D

We are just coming into color here in CT and the NW hills will be peaking this weekend so off I go. Glad you liked Mad Taco. I'm craving it right now! :lol:

See you next year!

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Re: Thank you everyone!!!!

Postby Andy » Sun Oct 16, 2016 10:24 am

Mom: Thanks for the post, and for joining us here. I am probably a kindred spirit, as I too, am a planner. One thing I have learned as an outdoor and landscape shooter, though, is it is impossible to plan for Mother Nature. She is simply too mercurial. I have found the best "plan" for Vermont Color is to find a spot that it somewhat centrally located, watch things (like this board), fill the gas tank every night, and be ready to go someplace "unplanned" the next day. :mrgreen:

My wife is even more of a planner than me. I often tell her that the "A" plan is fine, but you always have to have a "plan B." When she asks me what plan B is, I tell her that's the beauty of Plan B. I don't know, but we will surely find out.

best and join us next year!

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