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last report from Killington and surrounding area

Posted: Mon Oct 10, 2016 5:36 pm
by mmvt
We left VT this morning..... always sad to leave such a wonderful place! We were entertaining company since last week so didn't get a chance to post anything but here is my last report.....
Killington was beautiful today - probably peak in many areas, post peak in a few but great colors as we left this morning. it should look good for the next few days although leaves are beginning to drop. Drove to Strafford yesterday and also hit Cloudland Road in Pomfret/Woodstock.
Strafford and surrounding area were nice- lots of yellows and some orange leaves. Cloudland Road looks really good! It's not peak yet (except for one stunning hill) but it looks like it should be really nice this week. The big news on Cloudland is that the house at Sleepy Hollow was painted a beautiful deep red color so the scene there is even better than ever!! Route 4 from Woodstock to 100A is OK - not great and I think the color there is fading. 100A is still lovely but fading and leaves are beginning to drop.
Both Kent and Colton Ponds still look nice and are nearing Peak Conditions.
Lefferts Pond in Chittenden was beautiful Friday evening - probably still worth checking out this week.
We also traveled route 125 over the weekend - some very nice color over the gap road and the Middlebury summer area was very nice.
Route 7 south of Middlebury is still changing - color there will be better later this week, i think.
Rutland had color as we were leaving this morning.
Hope those in VT this week will enjoy some great color - stay warm!!