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10/9: Grand Slam Route 7 Corridor: Wallingford to Manchester to Benn

Posted: Sun Oct 09, 2016 8:24 pm
by ctyanky
This is part II of my very incredible day today after touring Poulney, Wells, Pawlet, Middletown Spring, Tinmouth and Lake Saint Catherine....

Wallingford is simply gorgeous! Hooked on to Route 7 South and was immediately engulfed in those majestic mountains on both sides of route 7! Yowzah! Mt. Tabor was prime! This corridor is to be reckoned with in terms of dramatic landscape that grips you on either side! I haven't been on this in years! The only drawback is that there is really no place to stop but the eye candy can't be beat. Danby was spectacular and so was the ride down to Manchester. Light traffic and no holdups! This area is near peak and will be at its highest color in a day or two right through the weekend. Honestly, besides the NEK this corridor is it's rival. Just loved the ride through North Bennington up to the welcome center. I took Route 7 all the way to Williamstown which is also grand and near peak. Took the Mohawk Trail and wow, this is peak now, especially at the hair pin turn!

I'll be up one day each weekend now for a couple of weeks because the Berkshires and CT are opening up their curtains any time now and I will be spending A LOT of time in the NW and NE corner of CT for our own display. Meantime, VT is where its at! :D