Colorado and back again!!

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Colorado Mom
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Colorado and back again!!

Postby Colorado Mom » Thu Oct 06, 2016 7:05 pm

Hi everyone
My husband and I are from Colorado. We came here for the first time last year for our 35th anniversary and fell in love so we are back for a quick trip this year. I have absolutely loved fall since I was a kid especially the changing colors of the leaves!! Tho I am not a photographer, my brother in law is a professional artist so I do understand a few things about the right time of day,certain angles and such!! I find great joy in reading all of your post as you can hear the love for nature and it's beauty in every single one. We drove the south side of the Kanc today and it was beautiful. Lily pond was nice as well as Echo Lake. We also drove on 18 over to 116 then cut over to Sugar Hill......great colors!!! Staying in Littleton and hitting Lyndonville up 114 tomorrow. Hoping to hit some of the great ponds everyone is talking about!! Thanks for all of your day by day info.....we have loved it and if you see a smokey colored Jeep Grand Cherokee with Maine plates that's us :D Happy fall y'all

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Re: Colorado and back again!!

Postby ctyanky » Thu Oct 06, 2016 7:11 pm

Hi Colorado! Welcome to our forum! Glad you are having such a wonderful time so far and you are hitting the season at its best! I remember Lily Pond off the Kanc and it was such a special place! All those lily pads floating around and the foliage at the rear of the pond in peak with reflections in the water. It made quite an impression on me! You will love all the ponds! I did them for a second time today with a friend of mine from CT and he was quite taken with all the scenery and peak foliage! You will go nuts on 114! Wow, it was even better today with the azure blue skies and warm temps! Keep asking away here for information and look forward to your posts! I have been here a week and have 3, possibly 4 more days in blissful Vermont! Enjoy! :D
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Re: Colorado and back again!!

Postby Andy » Thu Oct 06, 2016 7:12 pm

Welcome to the forum Mom. If you wonder why nobody else has responded, they are all out seeing the great color :D . Have fun and enjoy. I understand (not there this year) the color is spectac this year

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