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Killington Wed October 5th

Posted: Wed Oct 05, 2016 6:18 pm
by ctyanky
Hope all of you crazy foliage folks had a wonderful, sunny, blissful travel day in Vermont! Today, bm and I met mmvt at the Killington Gondola! What a super day for a ride to the top of the mountain! Photo ops galore! After three years of trying to make this ride, rain one year, construction the next year and fogged in last year, we hit the jackpot all the way around! MMVT with her camera equipment ready to roll and bm and I ready to hike to the summit. The color is coming on strong on the mountain with reds and burgundies and oranges and the peak, I estimate, this weekend around Killington. bm and I decided to hike to the summit and I have to admit, this was a bit of a challenge for me as it was a 100% rock scramble and you had to watch your footing every step of the way! But OMG the views at the top were to die for (not sure that was the right word :roll: ). Loved every minute of being at Killington's summit and the long views were for miles around. I heard there was, and saw, a fire tower but not sure you can climb up there. If we had more time, that was something I would have done. Anyways, the gang ate at the new lodge at the top with windows affording views that were beautiful.

We parted ways and bm took me on some awesome back roads from (I hope I get this right) Hancock to Granville. Take these dirt roads at the top of the mountains: North Hollow Road to Town Line Road to North Hollow Road again. Western mountain views amazing and the drive on these back roads was simply divine! Forgot to mention that the drive south on 100 this morning was full of color, almost peak, and Granville Gulf is ready to pop if it wasn't there already!

I hope mmvt comes on and posts some pics for you all. What a fantastic time and it was a top 10 weather day indeed!