Lincoln 10/4/16 - YES!

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Lincoln 10/4/16 - YES!

Post: # 20193Post bm
Tue Oct 04, 2016 1:27 pm

YES! YES! YES! The color in Lincoln is really starting to come on. A couple days off from peak in my estimation. With the weather forecast as it is color should be great here through the weekend. Lots of bright reds and oranges!

I did a loop starting and ending in Bristol. From Bristol Village took 116/17 to Lincoln Road and an immediate left onto Briggs Hill. Followed Briggs Hill/Isham Road to Quaker Street. Color in Bristol is still really early and it wasn't until I got up toward Quaker Street that the color started to emerge.
I took a right onto Quaker and followed that down toward the village of Lincoln. I took a quick detour onto Elder Hill Road - GORGEOUS views from sections of this road. Great photo opportunity (if you like farms with long views) at the Elderberry Farm on Elder Hill Road. Just beautiful. Heck...looks like you can buy it if you want! ... n-vt-05443

Got back onto Quaker down to the village. Went straight across the main road to Gove Hill Road and then took a left onto West Hill Road. One of my favorite views in all of Vermont is along West Hill Road. Go to the intersection of West Hill and Browns Road, stop and soak it in. Bring your camera too :) There is some nice color and long views along this road.

I followed West Hill until it eventually turns into the Lincoln - Ripton Road and followed this south into the town of Ripton. Some more nice color along this road. Took a right onto North Branch Road which brought me down to East Middlebury. Color started to wain along North Branch and by the time I got to E. Midd it was mostly green. Did some errands in Middlebury and then headed back to Bristol via Route 7 north to Town Hill Road to route 17 east.

In this neck of the woods elevation is the name of the game. Given what I saw in Lincoln/Ripton the towns of Huntington, Starksboro, Richmond, eastern part of Hinesburg should be great over the next few days. Basically the foothills to the greens on the west side.

Color is still wicked early in the immediate Champlain Valley.

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Re: Lincoln 10/4/16 - YES!

Post: # 20284Post ctyanky
Fri Oct 07, 2016 6:45 pm

Yo! I took a detour off my gap rides today onto Jerusalem Road and Downingsville Road and it is peak! Simply gorgeous! So many reds it was mind blowing. I drove Quaker Road to Isham Hollow Road and that was a beautiful drive indeed. bm: did you ever take me on Isham Hollow? Don't recall!

Lincoln is going to be a hot spot this weekend so get down there! I couldn't spend too much time there today as I was devoting my time to the gap rides. No one was on the roads I mentioned and I was able to go slowly on the dirt roads. Boy is my car dirty! :shock:

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Re: Lincoln 10/4/16 - YES!

Post: # 20297Post abby
Fri Oct 07, 2016 10:33 pm

Excellent report bm. Enjoy the foliage in your neck of the woods. It sounds as though its going to be a stellar year in your area as well. This will certainly be one of those foliage seasons that are unforgettable. Have fun!!!

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