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Stowe October 3rd Monday

Posted: Mon Oct 03, 2016 5:00 pm
by ctyanky
Hello on this beautiful autumn day in Vermont! Spent most of the day in Stowe and the colors are coming along very strong on Trapp Hill Road! A good portion of this area of Stowe (lower 108 Mountain Road) appears early to mid stage only with patches of peak and then there was a lot of green on alternating hillsides. I can speak only on Trapp Hill - the side of the main lodge going down the dirt road - this area was probably furthest along - may be peaking by end of this week. I did not go up to the top of the notch yet, perhaps tomorrow! Stowe downtown was not as crowded as I have seen it before but it was fun to shop!

My BIGGEST thrill was at the lower end of Trapp Hill and all the Scottish Highland cattle were out in the pasture, the whole herd! Maybe 75 and this is the only time I have seen them all there at once. There were lots of babies around and it was such a fantastic moment for me. They were all coming to the fence and I took quite a few selfies with some of the biggest long horned highlands ever! Soooooooooooooo much fun! What a sweet, precious breed!

100b is coming along nicely and there were patches of strong color along the hillsides that were reds, burgundies and oranges.

Topped off the afternoon with Mad Taco! YUM!

It was almost 70 today! Perfection! :D