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State foliage report for September28th, 2016

Posted: Wed Sep 28, 2016 1:55 pm
by admin
After prolonged warmer conditions during much of September, the first frosts have settled in the cold hollows throughout Vermont, triggering the next phase of increased color vibrancy. Excellent colors are now emerging in the north, at higher elevations along the spine of the Green Mountains, and throughout the state in isolated pockets, especially those associated with wetlands. Statewide, foresters estimate conditions at 30-40 percent of full peak color. With forecasts for cooler air and showers continuing in much of the state this week, we are already seeing an increase in both proportion of leaves changing colors and the intensity and brightness of those colors. We expect all parts of Vermont to be moving through early color and into mid-season conditions by the weekend and we remain on track and well-primed for great color into the early weeks of October.

Best Bets (North to South):
- Route 5A, from West Charleston through Westmore to West Burke.
- Route 16 from Barton to Westmore.
- Route 111 or 105 through Island Pond.
- Route 5 south from Barton to Orleans, then Route 58 to Irasburg.
- From Lowell, Route 100 south to Route 118 in Eden, then north to Montgomery.
- Route 242 from Montgomery to Jay.