Vermont was simply divine yesterday - day trip to Wilmington - route 9

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Vermont was simply divine yesterday - day trip to Wilmington - route 9

Postby ctyanky » Sun Jul 31, 2016 7:40 am

Hello all my Vermont foliage seekers: I am writing this in part to say how impressed I was with my trip to Wilmington yesterday on the spur of the moment. After my boat cruise on the Connecticut River in northern MA, I said to myself, "Home or Vermont", not too far from the border we were. Not a hard decision, eh? :wink: So off I went to route 9 to have lunch in Wilmington! Route 9 is lush and green and one could see a few spotty areas where the green was dulling on the tops of the canopies and maybe a splash of early color here and there. However, I have to say that So. VT is still in summer mode, very richly green and healthy trees for sure. The Harriman Reservoir did not appear low to me at all.

Anyways, wow. Wilmington has undergone a major transformation since Irene, as I have not been back in a couple of years. The shops I once knew have been replaced with a chic and classy look, and a "boutique" feel to them as well. New restaurants have popped up as well and Dot's Restaurant underwent a major overhaul - very modern with a touch of country feel to it. The food and service was excellent. The whole town was appointed in beautiful flowers and hanging baskets that put such a nice touch to the overall look of freshness that is the "new" Wilmington. There is also a very beautiful architecturally designed pathway near the bridge at the lighted intersection of 100 with original Vermont stonework and historical statues of Molly Stark. You should come to Wilmington to see all the updates and visit the beautiful shops and restaurants! It was a tad busy with locals and tourists so pick a day when you can truly enjoy the new ambiance of the town. It was remarkable for sure! 8) CT
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