Hancock, Texas Falls, Granville and route 100 today 9/26

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Hancock, Texas Falls, Granville and route 100 today 9/26

Postby ctyanky » Sat Sep 26, 2015 4:25 pm

I continue on regarding my travels today....

After the Middlebury Gap I stopped at Texas Falls off route 125. I wanted to check out the falls for Carol. Although they are still pretty, the flow is very low as compared to past visits. The new bridge is beautiful however and worth a stop. The sign comes up very fast and is not very big so keep an eye out heading up or down the mountain.

I headed north on 100 through Granville and the hills on the east side facing that nice afternoon sun were ready to pop. I was pleasantly surprised! Once I got deeper into the gulch area where it is shaded and dark through the tunnel area, it was back to green most of the way to Warren.

Moss Glen Falls were low as well. Only one or two cars stopped so I kept on driving. Pretty disappointing.

I think by next weekend the whole area will be beautiful and the Middlebury Gap might be peak by middle of next week. The lady at the Ripton Store said they are having foliage lift rides next Saturday at Middlebury College Snowbowl! It will be perfect! :D
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