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NEK today Friday Sept 25

Posted: Fri Sep 25, 2015 7:30 pm
by abby
Left the Boston area At five this morning. Going through Franconia Notch still mostly green. Went to Beaver Pond in Kinsmans Notch NH. Mostly green but some early emerging colors. Next stop covered bridge in Bath NH. Mostly green. From there went up Rte 89 up to 91. Stopped at the Dog Chapel in St Johnsbury. Glorious day. Colors definitely stronger the further North we went. Emerging colors looking good at Dog Mountain. I'd say about 25 percent.

Lunch at The a pizza Man in Lyndonville was delicious. From there took Rte 122 up through Sheffield. Colors are coming along really nicely here. Some pockets were about thirty percent and the colors are looking good.

Colors in Barton and Glover maybe 20-25 percent. May pond tonight was brilliant as the warm late day sun lit up the trees. Pictures look like it was peak..... But of course it wasn't.we àlso did some full moon photography. It was a magnificent evening!

I recommend finding a lake or pond that the sun will light up from the west as it is setting. It is beautiful.

Perfect day and my camera club peeps are very happy so far with how the weekend is going. I'll post an update tomorrow night.