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Quick nek update

Postby abby » Fri Oct 03, 2014 10:46 am

I aplogize for my absence here. I literally have not had time to post. I will post later tonight more in detail and include some photos. In a nutshell, it is past peak in the NEK. With that said you can still find plenty of color. It is just more of the colors of burnt orange and rust and maroon. Occasionally there are a few vibrant reds and yellows mixed in. I personally have made ( in what I hope) some very images over the past few days. I am planning on making a couple of new driving routes in the stickies. But in the meantime I want to let you know there is stil some nice colors albeit late colors in the Woodbury and Calais areas. In Calais...... Must check out Robinson hill road!!!!!
My group and I spent at least two hours at the top of the hill on this road yesterday. Pictures will follow hopefully tonight.
On a final note, my flatlander camera club friends who joined me up here were totally impressed with the colors and sights. Even though it is past peak, there is beauty abound so do not despair.

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