Carpenter Hill Road - Wow - North Pownal - go this week!

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Carpenter Hill Road - Wow - North Pownal - go this week!

Postby ctyanky » Sat Sep 27, 2014 7:46 pm

Hi all: we started out the day trip from CT to VT by taking route 22 NY from the Mass Pike West. Believe it or not, the Mass Pike is gorgeous with 50% peak and REDS and PURPLES along the highway. We took route 313 east to North Pownal Road to Carpenter Hill, a lovely dirt road which winds around magnificent and ENDLESS orchards! Bright red apples against the foliage and blue skies were perfect for photos. I would say it was nearing peak and by next weekend will be awesome. The views to the west as you begin the climb were lovely with peak on some of the mountains. Then the views descending to the east were WOWZAH! You can see the Bennington Monument in the distance. Clear azure blue skies, no haze and apples everywhere! I was in apple heaven, so much so I just finished one Macoun from South Orchards I think it is. As far as the eye can see, apple orchards! :lol: What a great place for photography on a clear day because reds were the "pick of the day"! :wink: :wink:

I had to stop at the Apple Barn for a shopping/food fix and I didn't intend to drop as much on the credit card but I got carried away again. They have the front all decorated, some of the best I've seen yet. It is a touristy stop but so enjoyable. I was looking for Heady Topper Beer from the Alchemist but nada. Where can I get this with no backlog when I go up next? :shock:

I got some great cheese, garlic bread and mini pumpkin cider donuts for our road food and oh yes, another sticker for the car!

You can take Carpenter Hill Road straight to Monument Road where the historical houses are beautiful. The Bennington Monument was gorgeous against the blue skies today, no crowds. You can take the elevator up to the top for some great views but we had just started the road trip and had to book it. Bennington (Charles' territory) is a great town indeed! :D :D
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