Another amazing foliage day with bm - Lincoln revisited!

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Another amazing foliage day with bm - Lincoln revisited!

Postby ctyanky » Wed Oct 02, 2013 7:23 pm

Today bm and I started out on the LIncoln Gap! Gorgeous and in peak! The canopied, golden trees were a perfect way to start the day! More foliasms!!!! Lincoln was so utterly gorgeous yesterday we revisited Browns Road, West Hill Road, Downingsville Road and Quaker Street. The color was still holding strong and with different lighting, the reds and oranges were fantastic! We met a couple of folks oohing and aaaahing at one of the stops and we saw them along the routes a few times after that. It was quite comical! bm gave them many places to stop in the area. She is quite the Queen of the Vermont Backroads! They loved it!!!!

Now this is the craziest part! One guy we met from Colorado got his Lincoln/Downingsville advice from the foliage forum and he asked us if one of us was mmvt!!!!!!!!!!! OMG! We told him we were bm and CT and he said he was going to get on the forum when he got back to Colorado to thank us for posting the Lincoln area! This is before he was told who we were. So they are out there in masses reading the posts from SOV Foliage Forum!!!!!!!!!! :lol:

bm swore she saw Minnesota plates on a red sedan and thought it was Minnesotaman! Was that you out in Lincoln today???? We must be getting a little wacky from all these foliasms we are having lately! We are starting to imagine foliage members out there driving around the back roads of Vermont! :shock:

We ate lunch at Snaps in Bristol. YUM! Great place to eat! We ended the route by stopping at Moss Glen Falls on the way back from the Middlebury Gap and they were as beautiful as they always are. Through the Granville Gulch, we were on the lookout for my moose. Nada. bm was kind enough to call the moose out at every twist and turn but they knew I was coming so the quest continues.... :roll:

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