Weather wonders and wizardry - July fourth and more!

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Weather wonders and wizardry - July fourth and more!

Postby WXMAN76 » Mon Jul 02, 2012 6:07 pm

Hello all my wonderful fans! Thought i would share a few things with you today. But before we go forward, lets look back at June for one minute. Boston averaged 1.4 degrees BELOW average. Now NH and VT averaged near normal but ME CT RI MA all averaged below normal. Remember I have been forecasting this for awhile and things are going to plan (HA HA HA - insert sinister laugh here) This is the first time in SEVERAL months we have averaged below normal. Again this goes to what I have been saying, we are turning into a COLDER pattern much like the 50s and 60s. And as the days shorten and the cold grows look for temperatures to take a hit compared to normal. This is NOT last year. Also the El Nino has intensified in June and the warm water pool is beginning to move from the Eastern to the Central Pacific, another sign of cool air over hot air in the east. Looking at soil moisture, much of New England is in great shape and I see no reason for this to change, so the trees and foliage should be nice and healthy going forward.

Fourth of July -- YUCK. Lots of clouds, morning rain and showers as a warm front tries to come through, drier in the pm but any sun will only fire off more t-storms. Cold front arrives at night presto Thursday is beautiful. The heat is back again Fri and Sat but quickly gets extinguished by a cold front later Saturday with perhaps some severe weather.

July in general.- Our hottest month will be hard to get cooking. Next week looks cooler than this as a whole East of the mighty mississippi. Again for us in the northeast we will get some heat but it won't last more than a couple of days as it is beat back by frequently pleasant air from Canada. July will dry out a bit compared to June but not be overly dry and again a couple degrees cooler compared to normals. The big heat will probably make another run at the east towards months end.

Tropical Atlantic- Uh what tropics? Dead as a doornail. too much dry air from Africa. would be surprised if i even saw one system this month. Be warned the numbers will be low but the quiet activity into August doesn't mean a quiet end game!

Western heat and drought. Unfortunately no sign of help. We will have to hope for monsoon season. :( Some relief in the far northern Rockies and bitteroots but not much.

Days are growing shorter now! Come on Fall!

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