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Postby pwt54 » Sun Oct 16, 2011 8:58 am

Stick season has hit northern VT. The rain and wind have knocked down the leaves. Any color to be found now will be in the Champlain Valley of western VT and the Connecticut River Valley of eastern VT. In the Champlain Valley, go south of Burlington and west of route 116. In the Connecticut River Valley, I saw good color from Barnet and south of there. The color extends about 10 miles east and west of the river. Southwest VT south of route US 4 and west of Route US 7 should have good color.
All of these areas have a lot of oak trees. They are starting to turn color now. They are showing red leaves in the early stage this year. This is my last report of this season. This next week I will be real busy getting ready for my Florida migration next Wednesday.

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