Strafford, Tunbridge, route 14, 110, Chelsea, 302, Groton

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Re: Strafford, Tunbridge, route 14, 110, Chelsea, 302, Groto

Post: # 14301Post ctyanky
Fri Oct 07, 2011 5:30 am

mmvt: thanks for the report!!! When I was riding in the mountains yesterday it was soooooooooo breezy and I kept thinking oooohhhh this is not good for the leaves but Waitfield trees are still healthy and strong and little leaf drop here for sure.

There is a lot of great color to come and my innkeeper said the next two weeks are going to peak around here with this late foliage.

It ain't over yet!!!!! :D

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Re: Strafford, Tunbridge, route 14, 110, Chelsea, 302, Groto

Post: # 14306Post MrBumps
Fri Oct 07, 2011 1:19 pm

I live in Tunbridge, and the last two years the trees just seemed to turn brown and loose their leaves early. Strafford sits up so high that they always get hammered by the wind. I drove Cloudland Road in the Woodstock/Pomfret area last week and the trees along the road were already missing half their leaves, and the ones left looked brown/dead. Even that nice tree that hangs over the entrance to Sleepy Hollow Farm had already turned brown and lost half it's leaves. The hillsides still looked like they would have color, but it was early, so hard to tell for sure. I hope to get to that area this weekend.

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Re: Strafford, Tunbridge, route 14, 110, Chelsea, 302, Groto

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Fri Oct 07, 2011 4:31 pm

The color may come to some of those places later. I found the same thing, with the exception of about 5 mile stretch of 302 between Groton and orange color was dull. Color is also dull in the passumpsic river valley. Phil hit it perfectly though the other day the best color in vermont is Northeast of Barnet. Saw some wicked good color around Island Pond. NH seems to have a lot of color to offer too, leaves there aren't turning as brown. In fact color was aweseom between Jackson NH and Berlin NH With good color around Colebrook and the rest of COOS county.

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