Spectacular weekend weather

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Spectacular weekend weather

Postby WXMAN76 » Wed Oct 05, 2011 9:01 pm

Well we have spectacular weekend weather coming! You know that song, I've seen a bad moon rising? Well I've seen a bad storm brewin'! But first the good stuff.

Thur. Sunny and brisk High only 52.
Thur Night- A 3 dog night! Lows 28 (colder in the hollows)
Fri Sunny, a milder afternoon High 62.
Sat & Sun. Sunny Highs near 80 Lows in the 40s
Mon Cooler but sunny and nice 72.
Tue Sunny High 72
Wed Increasing clouds 68.

Here is where things get dicey. The big high that is bringing the cold clear weather, then the sunny warm weather has an evil twin. Once these things get over the water, pressures in the Gulf and Southwestern Atlantic drop. Some sort of tropical or sub tropical storm is likely to form early next week, either just east or west of florida. As the next big cold front slides through the East late next week it will pick up the moisture and sling it up the coast. So for the North Country that may mean a big blow and loss of leaves.

Moral of the story... Get out and get those pics the next 7 days or so!!

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