Peacham Fall Foliage Day for 2011 now up - Thursday, 9/29/11

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Peacham Fall Foliage Day for 2011 now up - Thursday, 9/29/11

Postby ctyanky » Tue Apr 19, 2011 7:37 pm

For those of you heading to Vermont's NEK Fall Foliage Festival in late September/early October in 2011, the above link includes times for the ghost walk, luncheon, bus tour, spaghetti supper and concert! Scenic village with great photo opportunities! You will step back in time in this memorable setting! My favorite place that I return to again and again... Actually, now that I've been to Strafford a couple of time it is running neck and neck with Peacham as my Vermont "Brigadoon" ..... :wink:

Last year I went up on the day of the festival intending to finally go to their event after so many years, but a blinding, driving rain storm "drove" me away. I am heading up to Vermont on September 29th this year to try again! I heard it is not to be missed!

(The website/schedule for the entire NEK fall foliage festival will be up in about a month).

Stay tuned!

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