Ludlow / Chester

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Ludlow / Chester

Postby BostonRott » Thu Oct 07, 2010 6:33 pm

We got in here shortly before dark, but it sure looks like all the trees on Okemo are mostly bare. BIL says about 2 weeks ago it was almost the best he's ever seen, and the storm really hammered them. The trees in the cemetery across the street are mostly dropped. Here's a shot from this weekend last year (self-port), and this tree has mabye 25% of it's leaves left at the bottom this year. :(


I haven't seen much else of Ludlow yet, though coming through Chester was pretty lack-luster too. Some strips of yellow, but lots of barren trees (along Rte 103). :(

I'm heading out for sunrise shooting tomorrow, so won't be able to report back in til late in the day.

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