Vermont roads GPS locations

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Vermont roads GPS locations

Post: # 11739Post faxmachineanthem
Sat Sep 18, 2010 3:18 pm

I've spent some time getting familiar with the search function on this site and Google maps. I've compiled a list of 178 GPS points that may helpful others. They're primarily country roads that have been recommended on this forum, usually by PWT. (Thanks, PWT and everyone else who posted these suggestions!) There are also some "destination" type waypoints, such as Owl's Head, Moss Glen Falls, and towns like Grafton, East Corinth, etc.

A couple notes on the waypoints. I usually didn't pick numbered state highways since I didn't think it made sense to pick a single waypoint as the location of a 100 mile long road. However, obviously you still want to drive Route 100 etc. :) For the roads, I usually picked a point about halfway between it's beginning and end. The way I plan on using this is browsing the list of nearby roads in my GPS while I drive around, and using it to take detours. This is probably best used as a list of suggested nearby detours, in conjuntion with a planned route, rather than for use in creating the route itself. Finally, please use these with a good detailed map like the Jimpaco or Delorme. GPS's can sometimes lead you to funny places.

To load these to a GPS unit:
You can load these all in one shot to a GPS using the files linked below. To load these to a Garmin as Custom POI's (points of interest), you'll need 3 things. The CSV file linked below with the waypoints, the Garmin POI loader (free), and a usb cable to connect your GPS to your PC.
First download the CSV file. You will then need to load them to your GPS using the Garmin POI loader, which can be downloaded for free at You'll need to connect your GPS unit to your PC using a USB cable that likely came with your GPS. Once loaded, the locations will show up in the Custom POI (point of interest) menu in your GPS. In my GarminNuvi, the Custom POI's are under the "My Locations" menu. If you already have POI's loaded to your Garmin, you need to back them up onto your pc first. Otherwise they will be erased when you load these new ones. See here for more info on using POI Loader. ... oader.html

For other brand GPS units: I only have experience with my Garmin, but I believe many GPS units can use the .gpx file format, so I converted it to GPX as well. If you need it in another format, please download the csv and/or gpx file, and then use the free tools at to convert it to the format you need. Unfortunately I won't be able to give any instructions beyond that for non-Garmin brands.

CSV file (update: email or PM me for file)

GPX file
(update: email or PM me for file)


From north to south, here's the list of locations with a link to Google maps if you just feel like browsing the list. Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

Big Falls; North Troy 44.973012,-72.385225 link
Hudson Road; Canaan 44.94036,-71.56834 link
Gore Road; Derby Center 44.93772,-72.04518 link
Jay Peak; Jay 44.925887,-72.52534 link
Todd Hill Road; Canaan 44.92207,-71.55697 link
Rt. 145 near Colebrook; Colebrook NH 44.9184,-71.4678 link
Kilgore's General Store; Montgomery Center 44.878079,-72.609495 link
High Ponds Farm; Montgomery Center 44.861246,-72.577679 link
Enosburg Mountain Road; Enosburg Falls 44.84195,-72.67912 link
Rt 58; Lowell to Irasburg 44.8149,-72.3876 link
Hinton Hill Road; Orleans 44.79367,-72.02535 link
Island Pond south shore; Island Pond 44.79235,-71.86437 link
Burton Hill Road; Irasburg 44.7746,-72.25297 link
Peene Hill Rd; Barton 44.77113,-72.07985 link
Abbot Hill Road; Island Pond 44.76455,-71.93883 link
Belividere Pond; Lamoille 44.76432,-72.60972 link
Rt. 16 from Barton to Lk Willoughby; Barton 44.76284,-72.13341 link
Job's Pond; West Burke 44.76033,-71.95153 link
May Pond Rd (sweeping views); Barton 44.74162,-72.12748 link
Duck Pond Road; Barton 44.72352,-72.17195 link
Lake Willoughby; Barton 44.71742,-72.030752 link
Centebar Road; Albany 44.7126,-72.3059 link
CCC Road; Willoughby view; Barton 44.70818,-72.0245 link
Ober Hill Rd; Johnson 44.67477,-72.61539 link
Duck Pond; Sheffield 44.67237,-72.13514 link
Plot Road; Johnson 44.67136,-72.70573 link
South Albany Road; Craftsbury Common 44.66849,-72.31546 link
Rt 122; Sheffield 44.6577,-72.1629 link
Clay Hill Road; Johnson 44.65689,-72.6799 link
Craftsbury Common town; Craftsbury 44.65384,-72.3821 link
Hog Back Road; Johnson 44.65297,-72.7328 link
Maidstone Lake; Guildhall 44.63587,-71.65546 link
Rt 2 Causeway to South Hero Island; Milton 44.627555,-73.239252 link
Pudding Hill Road; Lyndonville 44.578,-72.014 link
Granby Road (dirt); Granby 44.5767,-71.7159 link
Walton Road; Morristown 44.57484,-72.65561 link
Pleasant Valley Road; Underhill 44.5709,-72.8644 link
Mt Burke toll road; East Burke 44.570899,-71.894694 link
Darling Hill Road; Lyndonville 44.56976,-71.97196 link
Champlain Railroad Causeway; South Hero 44.56039,-73.307028 link
Mud City Loop Road; Morrisville 44.55985,-72.68625 link
Dead Creek Wildlife area; Addison 44.0877,-73.3223 link
Stannard Mtn Rd; Lyndonville 44.54652,-72.18749 link
Cole Hill Road; Morrisville 44.53832,-72.66822 link
Stagecoach Road; Morrisville 44.5318,-72.6346 link
Mt Mansfield toll road end; Stowe 44.52491,-72.81606 link
Browns River (Mountain Road); Underhill 44.51956,-72.85829 link
Tampico Road; Danville 44.51133,-72.10542 link
Stevensville Road; Underhill 44.5068,-72.85498 link
Elmore Mountain Road; Morrisville 44.5024,-72.5596 link
Randolph Road; Morristown 44.49824,-72.61338 link
Moss Falls Stowe; Stowe 44.482697,-72.624781 link
Bobbin Mill Road; Lunenburg 44.48069,-71.67404 link
Brownsville Road; Stowe 44.47123,-72.6302 link
Trapp Family Lodge; Stowe 44.4658,-72.74439 link
Barrows Rd; Stowe 44.45684,-72.72959 link
Mt Pleasant St; St Johnsbury 44.4463,-72.04072 link
County Road; East Calais 44.4417,-72.45717 link
Stowe Hollow Road; Stowe 44.43974,-72.68015 link
Cabot Plains Road; Cabot 44.42269,-72.267 link
Tebbets Road; East Calais 44.42184,-72.43965 link
Trestle Rd/Winn High Drive; Danville 44.41629,-72.0804 link
Shadow Lake; Concord 44.40617,-71.86986 link
Mollys Pond; Cabot 44.397777,-72.237085 link
Danville Hill Road; Cabot 44.39708,-72.28181 link
Shelburne sunset spot; Shelburne 44.395947,-73.278034 link
Waterbury Reservoir; Waterbury 44.389837,-72.767279 link
Ducharme Hill Road; Marshfield 44.38665,-72.36722 link
Shelburne Pond; Shelburne 44.373875,-73.162959 link
Rt 12 north Montpelier; Worcester 44.364,-72.5582 link
West Hill Church; Calais 44.35808,-72.49282 link
East Hill Road; Plainfield 44.35665,-72.41262 link
East Hill Road; Barnet 44.35157,-72.13546 link
Thaddeus Stevens Rd; Peacham 44.34117,-72.15164 link
Peacham Pond Road; Groton 44.33365,-72.25335 link
Peacham town; Barnet 44.328701,-72.170393 link
Barnet Center Cemetery; Barnet 44.31347,-72.08791 link
Peacham - Groton Rd; Barnet 44.30882,-72.16594 link
Owls Head; Groton 44.296974,-72.295279 link
Ketttle Pond; Groton 44.29449,-72.30984 link
Garland Hill Road; Barnet 44.29048,-72.09495 link
Boulder Beach (Lake Groton); Groton 44.27908,-72.27065 link
Rt 14 north of Barre; Plainfield 44.27816,-72.47639 link
Mt Philo; Charlotte 44.277446,-73.217108 link
North Fayston Road; Moretown 44.2413,-72.8301 link
Center Fayston Road; Waitsfield 44.2249,-72.8516 link
Appalachian Gap Road; Waitsfield 44.21064,-72.93047 link
Cox Brook Road; Northfield 44.196,-72.6852 link
Bragg Hill Road; Waitsfield 44.19388,-72.85116 link
Waitsfield town; Waitsfield 44.190092,-72.824337 link
Hardscrabble Road; Bristol 44.1813,-73.11995 link
Common Road; Waitsfield 44.16744,-72.80336 link
East Warren Rd; Waitsfield 44.16202,-72.81482 link
North Street; New Haven 44.1484,-73.1582 link
Bristol; Bristol 44.133992,-73.083032 link
Bartlett Falls; Bristol 44.127223,-73.046777 link
Warren town; Warren 44.11408,-72.85567 link
Warren Bridge; Warren 44.111169,-72.857 link
Roxbury Mtn Road; Warren 44.10707,-72.81147 link
Lincoln Gap Road; Bristol 44.098737,-72.973232 link
Waits River; Waits River 44.089558,-72.282691 link
Blueberry Lake; Warren 44.0818,-72.822041 link
East Corinth; East Corinth 44.06511,-72.21882 link
Allis State Park viewpoint; Randolph 44.04341,-72.63401 link
Brookfield Floating Bridge; Brookfield 44.04251,-72.60453 link
Ridge Rd from Brookfield to Randolph; Brookfield 43.99845,-72.61638 link
Sabbaday Falls; Conway NH 43.997975,-71.395668 link
Forest Road 55/West Hill Rd; Granville 43.99316,-72.87065 link
North Hollow Road; Granville 43.9791,-72.8191 link
Braintree Meetinghouse; Braintree 43.969188,-72.688493 link
North End Goshen-Ripton Rd; Ripton 43.96442,-73.02948 link
Texas Falls Road; Hancock 43.92947,-72.89897 link
Middlebury Snow Bowl parking viewpoint (approx); Hancock 43.925488,-72.936507 link
Whitney Hill Road; Tunbridge 43.925,-72.4978 link
Cedar Swamp Bridge; Middlebury 43.918141,-73.174058 link
Flanders Hill Road (rough road; walk up for great view); Rochester 43.872068,-72.884676 link
Bethel Mtn Road; Rochester 43.86809,-72.77036 link
Strafford Meetinghouse; Strafford 43.86587,-72.3774 link
Bingo Road (forest road); Rochester 43.85948,-72.87253 link
Brandon Gap Road; Rochester 43.8533,-72.8964 link
Goshen-Ripton Rd; Hancock 43.9014,-73.015 link
Camp Brook Road; Bethel 43.8498,-72.7021 link
River Road to Bethel; Stockbridge 43.78775,-72.68553 link
Chittenden Reservoir; Chittenden 43.72293,-72.92193 link
Lefferts Pond; Chittenden 43.71439,-72.90416 link
Benson Church; Benson 43.709557,-73.31047 link
Old King's Hwy/Joe Ranger Road; North Pomfret 43.70718,-72.47862 link
Shaw Mountain trailhead; Fair Haven 43.69006,-73.36041 link
Glen Lake; Fair Haven 43.659454,-73.239306 link
Cloudland Road; Woodstock 43.6528,-72.5099 link
Quechee Gorge Visitor Center; Quechee 43.637184,-72.407608 link
Lake Bomoseen; Bomoseen 43.636918,-73.211808 link
Billings Farm & Museum; Woodstock 43.634264,-72.518599 link
Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller NHP; Woodstock 43.63145,-72.515846 link
Woodstock town; Woodstock 43.62418,-72.51925 link
Eshqua Bog; Woodstock 43.602262,-72.491052 link
Hartland Hill Road; Woodstock 43.59632,-72.4721 link
Garvin Hill Road; Woodstock 43.59353,-72.48206 link
Brown Bridge; Cuttingsville 43.566222,-72.918916 link
Rt. 133; West Rutland 43.5407,-73.0567 link
Plymouth Notch; Plymouth 43.53332,-72.72092 link
East Poultney town; East Poultney 43.526275,-73.205436 link
Jenne Farm; Reading 43.526248,-72.557613 link
Rush Meadows Road; Windsor 43.52606,-72.52457 link
Kingsley Bridge; Clarendon 43.523777,-72.94106 link
Middletown Springs town; Middletown Springs 43.485445,-73.118328 link
Kingdom Road; Ludlow 43.4699,-72.68701 link
Tinmouth town; Tinmouth 43.448598,-73.050479 link
Green Mountain Maple Sugar House; Ludlow 43.440356,-72.699029 link
Belmont town; Belmont 43.414862,-72.821108 link
Danby - Mt Tabor Rd (forest road); Wallingford 43.36664,-72.93756 link
Colvin Hill Road (best heading north); Danby 43.36325,-73.03084 link
Weston town; Weston 43.291399,-72.792816 link
Emerald Lake; Dorset 43.281027,-73.005118 link
Merck Forest & Farmland Center; Dorset 43.274474,-73.172821 link
Dorset town; Dorset 43.254919,-73.098984 link
Peru town; Peru 43.23011,-72.89953 link
Bartonsville Bridge; Bellows Falls 43.223972,-72.536699 link
Worall Bridge; Bellows Falls 43.211698,-72.535415 link
Grafton town; Grafton 43.17253,-72.60839 link
Manchester Center town; Manchester Center 43.16289,-73.07209 link
Lye Falls Trail; Manchester Center 43.159249,-73.041443 link
Equinox Pond Rd; Manchester Center 43.155629,-73.0884 link
Cemetery (just north of Hildene); Manchester Center 43.15442,-73.074562 link
Hildene; Manchester Center 43.140718,-73.079466 link
Hamilton Falls; Jamaica 43.137771,-72.765264 link
Mt Equinox Skyline Dr; Sunderland 43.116799,-73.113235 link
Branch Pond; Sunderland 43.077814,-73.017615 link
Branch Pond; Sunderland 43.077762,-73.017649 link
Deer Valley Road; Townshend 43.07509,-72.62984 link
Townshend; Townshend 43.046516,-72.668029 link
Rt 30 around Townshend; Townshend 43.0459,-72.6914 link
Kelly Stand Road; Sunderland 43.0419,-73.0857 link
Newfane town; Newfane 42.9869,-72.65506 link
Cooper Hill Road; East Dover 42.95489,-72.80997 link
Dover Hill Road; East Dover 42.92609,-72.82959 link
Old Jelly Mill Falls; Brattleboro 42.914639,-72.613914 link
Carpenter Hill Road; Bennington 42.8263,-73.2242 link
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Post: # 11742Post ctyanky
Sat Sep 18, 2010 4:32 pm

AMAZING! :shock:

Thanks FAX!!!!

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Post: # 11744Post wentworth
Sat Sep 18, 2010 5:32 pm

Wow! is right--never seen such a comprehensive list---appreciate the 2 Canaan suggestions, as we will go there on the way to Northern New Hampshire

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Post: # 11749Post Aspen
Sat Sep 18, 2010 6:01 pm

Faxmachine, this is mind boggling how you created 178 GPS points of interest, let alone included an assortment of pictures. Incredible job! My husband said, 'there's a lot of good folks out there who have good hearts!' Thank you! for sharing, caring and for all you contribute to this forum.!

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Post: # 11750Post faxmachineanthem
Sat Sep 18, 2010 6:05 pm

If you're referring to the photos that come up on Google maps, that's sort of "automatic". Those are photos other people have taken and loaded to Google maps. But, you're welcome anyway. :) I hope this helps people find some spots and photos they wouldn't have otherwise. And, I hope nobody gets lost on my account, haha.


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Post: # 11752Post Paulette Brewster
Sat Sep 18, 2010 6:13 pm

This forum is the place for lists! I love it! thanks so much for these! I just got my little handheld gps out of the drawer the other day. Haven't used it for awhile so I will get reacquainted with it.

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Post: # 11765Post pwt54
Sun Sep 19, 2010 9:31 am

Well GPS-less PWT tried something wierd with the GPS points. I copied the co-ordinates and used them in Google earth to see what happened. It took me right to the point. For this experiment I used Clay Hill in Johnson. First of all, you will see that the Clay Hill Road starts as Pearl Street off Main Street in Johnson Village. I'm going to have fun with this. See you later. :D

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Post: # 11766Post bogey456
Sun Sep 19, 2010 9:56 am

Hi I'm getting a "Link appears to be broken" error when I try to download either one of these files. Am I doing somthing wrong?


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Post: # 11767Post Paulette Brewster
Sun Sep 19, 2010 10:30 am

All the links I tried worked great. I admit I didn't go to every single link, but it sure was fun to see the google map and have it put me right there. For those way out there areas, it's perfect to use in conjunction with the Jimapco.

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Post: # 11768Post faxmachineanthem
Sun Sep 19, 2010 11:07 am

If you send me a private message with your email address, I'll email you the files.

I'd appreciate it if someone else could tell me if they are able to download the CSV and GPX file. It works for me, just want to make sure others are able to.

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Post: # 11821Post From_the_NEK
Mon Sep 20, 2010 12:50 pm

faxmachineanthem wrote:Aspen,
If you're referring to the photos that come up on Google maps, that's sort of "automatic". Those are photos other people have taken and loaded to Google maps. But, you're welcome anyway. :) I hope this helps people find some spots and photos they wouldn't have otherwise. And, I hope nobody gets lost on my account, haha.

Ha, some of my pics come up here and there (Pudding Hill Rd, Hinton Hill Rd, Burke Mtn Toll Road). I uploaded them to Panaramio via Google Earth. Note: if you click on teh "MORE" button and check on "Photos" you can see even more pics...

Awsome list!

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Post: # 11996Post new_to_USA
Sat Sep 25, 2010 8:49 pm

hi Faxmachine,

i have garmin GPS. please let me know where can i find your personal email id to get the GPX or CSV file.

Also you had provided huge list of link of google maps. are those links mentioning the destination location? is it just enough to give my start address to go to such places? i am looking at these links for first time so trying to understand how it works..

Thanks for your help!


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Post: # 12001Post faxmachineanthem
Sun Sep 26, 2010 9:52 am

Hi Rajana,
I've emailed you the files. Those actual points on the roads aren't meaningful, I just picked a midway point on roads that are supposed to be nice. It's meant to help you find nice roads nearby, not necessarily to bring you to one particular spot.

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Post: # 12002Post sreek
Sun Sep 26, 2010 10:16 am

wow! Amazing list. Thanks Faxmachineanthem! Though this is overwhelming for a first-timer like me, would like to select a few and load em up. Thanks again.

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