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Postby ctyanky » Tue Apr 06, 2010 5:42 pm

Has anyone ever traveled the Cox Brook Road (which starts out as Moretown Mountain Road) to Northfield Falls?

Our first stop on one of our day tours the week we are in Waitsfield is Turkey Hill Road in Northfield (Mr. Bump’s post): ... php?t=2191

At first, I was toying with the idea of taking the Roxbury Mountain Road out of Warren to start and end the day trip, but I always enjoy new roads and taking a different way to return to the inn. I did some reading in my Explorer’s Guide (Tree and Foulds, 11th Edition) and found a back road that was described as a scenic drive.

Cox Brook is dirt part of the way with views in both directions near the crest. It goes through three covered bridges (Upper and Lower Cox Brook Bridges and Northfield Falls Bridge) before ending in Northfield Falls. There was no description of the Moretown Mtn. Road but it is really the same road, but the name changes into Cox Brook. As we continue south on 12 towards Northfield, we will see another bridge, the Slaughter House Bridge (eek, wonder how it got that name :shock: ) before we get to the turn off for Turkey Hill Road.

So, has anyone been on this back road from Moretown to Northfield Falls? Would love to see photos or hear your comments if you traveled this route.

Really looking forward to this day trip I have planned!
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