Route 100, Ludlow, Weston, Killington

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Route 100, Ludlow, Weston, Killington

Postby mmvt » Mon Oct 05, 2009 7:42 pm

I drove route 100 south today (from Killington) down to Ludlow, then Weston and back up thru East Wallingford, over 103 to Ludlow up 100A, etc.
Dropped off some people at the VT Country Store this morning and then headed up North Hill Road to Andover Hill Road and surrounding area- there is some excellent color up there - even in the overcast weather. Route 100 between Killington and Plymouth has some great color- not yet peak but getting close. The colors near the lakes (Rescue, Amherst, Echo) is still brightening and should look good by the weekend. The colors on route 100 just south of Ludlow are awesome! Kent Pond and Colton Pond (off route 100 just NORTH of 4) have some excellent color and I caught a rainbow over the hills!
Stopped on the way home for a maple creamee and enjoyed that!
We had a bit of wind today and a few sprinkle, but the 'real' rain held off until night time. The leaves are hanging on, even the birches which sometimes lose leaves early.
For those looking at the weather reports, they tend to be less than accurate! While eating lunch in Ludlow, the 'weather channel' reported that it was cloudy and rainy- the reality was that it was quite sunny with some blue skies.

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