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If you want to sign up to this board and post....

Posted: Mon Jun 23, 2008 6:29 am
by admin
Spamming has become a big problem on the internet and here on the Foliage Vermont Forum it is no exception. I try to keep this board clean of the automated signups and garbage, mostly coming out of Russia these days. So, to this end, here are some helpful hints about becoming a poster on this board.

--Do not use some esoteric name when you sign up. Try to make it a user friendly name that sort of says something about you.
--Fill out the questionnaire properly. If you leave critical information out, I may assume you are not who you are.
--You will be asked a contextual question during the sign up. If you don't know the answer, you don't belong here.

--You may not get an acknowledgement email confirming your sign up if your anti-spam settings are set incorrectly. Please ensure that yours are set to receive emails from the domain and the scenesofvermont domain.

--I personally verify each sign up. If I think you are bogus or up to spam mischief, I just ignore the notification that I get.

--If you are genuine and don't get an authentication email, you can contact me personally either by phone: 802-895-4295, or by filling out the Contact Us form on Scenes of Vermont. I block all calls from "unknowns".

--No Advertising is permitted. If you advertise, your post will be reported and your membership deleted.

Finally, only customers of Scenes of Vermont and Board Administrators can post advertisements in their signatures.