Restaurant options

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Restaurant options

Post: # 6116Post azeez_a
Mon Oct 08, 2007 9:57 pm


I am reading through the Explorer's guide and most if not all of the dining options there are pretty expensive (ranges from $18 upwards). I am looking for something reasonable given that my wife and I plan to spend 7 days there. What would you suggest to find good places that are reasonable and not too pricey? I don't really care about the decor. Fast food is fine too.


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Tue Oct 09, 2007 6:26 am

In Rutland, you'll have your choice of "fast food" places along with local diners. I don't know specific names, but there is a lot to choose from.
If you're traveling toward Killington/Bridgewater, there are many choices along the way.
THe Killington access road has a nice bakery called "Sun Up" (I think) - take the access road about 2 miles up and it will be on your right hand side. They have coffee/drinks, homemade scones, breads, etc- their lunch sandwhiches are very good and reasonably priced.
In Bridgewater, you can buy lunch (or early dinner) at the long trail brewery (corner of route 4 and 100A) - they have a menu of soups, burgers, etc - again, reasonably priced.
MANY of the small town and village stores sell food prepared "to go" and some have a small dining area where you can sit and enjoy your meal. They also are very reasonably priced.

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