Foliage Trains in Northern Vermont

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Foliage Trains in Northern Vermont

Postby Karen » Fri Jul 28, 2000 12:36 am

I'm looking for information on foliage trains in northern Vermont. I lived in the NEK 10 years ago and remember seeing, during foliage season, a very old train on the tracks along Rt. 15, between Hardwick and Morrisville I believe. Also, on this site is a picture of a foliage train "north of St. Johnsbury." The only information I've been able to locate on the Internet is about the Green Mountain trains in southern Vermont.

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Re: Foliage Trains in Northern Vermont

Postby admin » Fri Jul 28, 2000 1:46 am

Hi Karen:<BR>Unfortunately, I do not have good news about the foliage trains in northern Vermont. They did not run last year and there has been no promotion so far for trains running this year. Your best bet, if you are planning a trip, is the Green Mountain Flyer in southern Vermont. Of course, I could be wrong about the trains, so if anyone has any info, please post here!<P>I miss the train too but don't dismiss the car. Driving around the back roads can be very rewarding. We've taken most of our great pictures when on a back road. We had a lot of rain in the spring and early summer and if the science of the leaves is to be believed, we should be in for a spectacular foliage season!<P>Tim

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