Advise: Middlebury,Lincoln, Applachain,Roxbury Gaps

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Advise: Middlebury,Lincoln, Applachain,Roxbury Gaps

Post: # 5642Post Aspen
Sat Sep 22, 2007 6:27 pm

Would like to drive a loop from Route 100 down one gap and return up another to Route 100. Need locals and those who have driven these gaps to advise.
Middlebury Gap with stop at Texas Falls and return via Linclon Gap. (or vice-versa Lincoln Gap to Middlebury Gap??
What advise would you have driving Applachain Gap and Roxbury Gap. We do not need to drive all of them. Just want to experience a nice drive through a gap to and fro Route 100.
Driving a Honda minivan. Are roads paved? Any lanes change to single lanes? Steep grades? Any turnoffs/overlooks?
How much time should be allocated for driving a gap loop?
All advise and tips most welcomed.

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Lincoln Gap

Post: # 5644Post ctyanky
Sat Sep 22, 2007 6:48 pm

Hi Aspen: these are good questions as I am also planning on doing three of them in October. I drove over the Lincoln Gap last fall. It was amazing and I did it in a minivan as well. If I can recall, my passenger got the most "wow" out of the adventure because frankly, I had my eyes peeled to the road for most of it. Especially, the steep parts and where two cars just have enough room to pass each other. It alternated between paved and unpaved and lots of curves but fun! Just gorgeous! There is a place at the top where lots of cars parked and I saw tons of hikers and people carrying cameras, so I assume there is a lookout and/or trail to hike. Perhaps someone can offer some more info on this lookout. The views were breathtaking when I managed to take my eyes off the road! I would say it was about 1/2 hour of driving. You certainly can do at least two gaps and maybe another if you want spectacular views. We stopped at Warren first and then did the gap. It's a wonderful feeling to be in the middle of a range, you won't regret it.............

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Post: # 5649Post Andy
Sun Sep 23, 2007 8:01 am

That Road (74) is called Brandon Mountain Road (although the first couple miles out of Brandon is called Forestdale Road). Most of these roads are driveable by regular automobile during normal weather conditions. Vermonters do it all the time and the vast majority of them are just regular passenger cars. While the do get narrow, on the off chance they slim to just one lane, there would be a place to pull off and most drives (at least the ones with the green license plates) are courteous. Occasionally, in very wet weather, there can be mud, washouts and water bars, but they don't usually render the road impassable, an it shouldn't be an issue this time of year. In winter, some of these gap roads are flat out closed.

Your minivan will do just fine.

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Post: # 5654Post bridgewatercorners
Sun Sep 23, 2007 1:21 pm

What are these gaps you all are talking about? Era they roads that cut through theGreen Mtn. Nat. Forest? I'll be in Bridgewater at our place from Oct 3-9. Would like to drive a couple gaps one day while there. Any directions and info would be great.

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Gaps are scenic drives

Post: # 5659Post Aspen
Sun Sep 23, 2007 5:06 pm

Thanks to all who have contributed to inquiries about some of the Gaps.
Such great advise for all of us who are learning together how to experience these scenic drives and rewarding to those who are able to share what they know.
Want to add a note for others who may be considering driving some of the Gaps. The Explorerer's Guide, Vermont cautions that the Lincoln Gap is unsuitable for trailers and RVs. Smuggler's Notch on Route 108 in Stowe has road signs that warn not to tow trailers through Smuggler's Notch. Sharing this so some of you will know ahead of time rather than learn this upon approaching the warning signs. Witnessed disregard to the warning sign at Smuggler's Notch in 2005. Was quite an embarassing, upsetting and damaging scene for those disregarding the warning sign. Traffic was held up for a long time on both sides of the road as the trailer was wedged trying to turn a bend in the road. Needless to say, they got though but with a damaged trailer. Again is why this forum of sharing is so great and also why I repeatedly advise to read up on your destinations; go informed! Thanks again for all your sharings.

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Post: # 5665Post bridgewatercorners
Sun Sep 23, 2007 5:58 pm

thanks for the info. 2 can be done in a day thats great. On the atlas it only looks like only around 25-30 miles to both from the house.

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Post: # 5672Post pwt54
Sun Sep 23, 2007 6:42 pm

Route 17 (Appalachian Gap), route 125 (Middlebury Gap) and route 73 ( Brandon gap) are all paved State roads. The Lincoln Gap and Roxbury Mountain roads are partly paved. You could probably do all of the 'Gap" roads in one day if you don't get "shutterbug fever". You can add 2 other roads to you list. The Bethel Mountain Road starts in Rochester Village next to the village green and is paved. The Hazens Notch Road (route 58) between Montgomery and Lowell is partly paved. They are all fun.

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Top of Lincoln Gao

Post: # 5716Post dkramer
Mon Sep 24, 2007 8:22 pm


Since I have not done this hike myself, I should just say that this is from a lot of reading and talking to people. From the top of Lincoln Gap, you can take the Long Trail in either direction (as at the top of each of the Grn Mt. gaps...not Roxbury, but App, Lincoln, and Middlebury). If you go south, it is a rather short hike (1-2 hrs. round trip) to Sunset Rock. Northbound, and a bit more of a hike (0.5 day round trip) is a 1600 ft elevation gain (listed as strenuous, but very popular) to the summit of Mt. Abraham. This is just above the treeline and features rare alpine tundra vegetation. Also, it delivers 360 degree views. Very breathtaking, from what I understand. West to NYS, East to NH on a really clear day.

Have fun...I will miss my dear VT foliage trip this year. Maybe next year!


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