It's 2018 and time to kickstart your Vermont fall foliage plans!

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Re: It's 2018 and time to kickstart your Vermont fall foliage plans!

Postby ctyanky » Sun Jun 10, 2018 6:59 pm

Where's summer??? :? :? :? Did we skip spring this year as well??? Anyways, this cool weather lately has gotten me totally jazzed for the upcoming fall trip to Vermont! I've been going over all of my activities for each of my four inn stays in different parts of Vermont and friends from afar have been contacting me for meetups so...... I'm over the top excited! I hope I can fulfill some of the activities/venues on my bucket list thread because one day in each location I am horseback riding or taking more lessons. This is a priority for me when I'm up in Vermont for foliage season. Here are some of the stables I'll be riding at in case anyone has been or is interested! I've ridden at Icelandic numerous times for the half day trek and it was phenomenal! There's nothing like riding in the mountains during the autumn season and I can't wait to try out my new riding equipment..... :wink:

North Bennington





Are there any horse lovers out there who have ridden in the other stables? I'm going to start volunteering next summer for a local equine rescue group who saves horses from the kill pen auctions in the Midwest and then provides for them rehabilitation and rehoming. One of my passions.... I just love being around horses since I was very young and am trying to perfect some of my riding skills while I'm up in Vermont! :)

Hope you can find time to trail ride this foliage season in Vermont. There's nothing like it!

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