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Coventry, Vermont

Map showing Phish concert location and route to site

Coventry is one of those typical Vermont townships with less than 1,000 inhabitants. The town itself is just south of Newport. It is more like a village. There are less than 20 homes on Main Street. There's a diner, but no gas station or general store in town. The actual site of the Phish concert is several miles outside of town, closer to Newport. It is doubtful that many concert goers will see the downtown area because highway 5 that runs from I-95 at Orleans, bypasses the town. If you are heading to the concert, it is likely that you will take highway 5 past Coventry and then turn off to the right about two miles further north. On your way to the concert site, you may notice a landfill. It is where all of Vermont's household garbage goes. The site is expected to be closed during the concert.A Coventry street sign

There are many preparations that a small area like this must make in order to accommodate thousands and thousands of people. This page will be updated from time to time as more details become available. Expect it to be hot!

Coventry is at least four hours' drive from Boston, up 1-93 to St. Johnsbury, then north on I-91.

You might consider arriving the week before and looking around. Local attractions include Lake Willoughby, and the Haskell Library which straddles the US-Canadian border. If you enjoy French cuisine, cross the border and go to Magog about 30 miles away. There is quite literally a restaurant every couple of yards on the town's mainstreet! (Make sure you carry proper ID for your return to the US.)

The Newport Municipal Airport, site of the Phish Concert

Newport airport  - site of the Phish Concert

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