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Scenes of Vermont- PB Publishing brings web visitors to your site. We guarantee it with our link programs amd editorial. With more than 1,000 pages on Scenes of Vermont, our webzine probably has more Vermont indepenbent informational content than any other tourism site in Vermont. Many of our pages are listed in the search engines. Try looking up mud season in Vermont, or the Phish Concert and you will find us in Google! We also have the only site offering downloadable videos about Vermont. In other words, there are hundreds of ways that people might find you because almost all our pages link to our lodging section. These days "Content is King." We do have a lot of content and because of this, we can help you too, either by providing customiized content for your site or providing links from our content to yours.

Scenes of Vermont - PB Publishing operates the following two sites that are linked together and are also linked into our lodging sites. They help bring you visitors too during the winter!

If your inn or B&B is near a ski resort, an automatic link is placed to at least one of the hospitality sites listed below. Visitors looking for ski packages check these pages regularly during the winter season.

  • Get a link from all seven well-found Vermont hospitality sites for $185.00 per year.
  • Get a single page on Foliage-Vermont for an additional $100.00 per year. Foliage-Vermont (http// receives millions of hits during foliage season. It draws visitors throughout the year. It is a resource for Fall in Vermont. A mini-page on this site will bring you traffic throughout the year and EARLY fall bookings.

Here is the list of seven search engine promoted Vermont lodging sites that you will bring visitors to your web site.

    (this site gives you a small picture and a paragraph of text for no extra charge!)

In addition, if you are in the Stowe or Quechee-Woodstock area you can appear on ONE of these sites for an additional $85 per year. (Note: you cannot just list here!):

A note about our Locator Map:

  • If you want to also be linked directly from the locator map that is featured in each site (except and please so indicate in the sign up form. The cost for this additional link is $50.00 per year and is simply another way of being found.

A note about our Preferred Inns Page:

  • All customers signing up for the Scenes of Vermont links program which includes and the seven other sites will be listed on this page:
  • We will make an attempt to create content for your location. Your assistance in this would be appreciated. If you provide the content for the location page ( usually a village or nearby town/attraction) we will credit your name and link directly to your web site. This is called a relevant link in search engine terms and will increase you link popularity.)

Posting in the Forums:

  • Scenes of Vermont operates a series of forums, the busiest of which is the foliage forum. Customers in good standing may post to this forum, after registering. They may use a signature in their post which contains a direct link to their web site. If you know information helpful to tourists posting on the forums, this is an excellent opportunity for some free advertising. Your post remains up indefinitely unless you delete it.

Link Back Requirements:

Recommended by Scenes of VermontWe strongly urge you to link back to Scenes of Vermont. Please copy the following code to the bottom of your front page. If you need help, please have your web person do this. This code includes a Recommended Logo, so it benefits you as well as Scenes of Vermont. The link back is to the front page of Scenes of Vermont - not the lodging section. Scenes of Vermont is an excellent resource for independent information about the state and activities here.

<a href=""><img src="" alt="Recommended by Scenes of Vermont" height="42" width="108" align="" border="0" hspace="5" vspace="5"></a>

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Client Updating:

Once you have signed up you can update your listing at any time, this includes the picture of your inn or B&B, your prices and text. If you have questions about this, just push the button below.

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To appear in our listings along with pictures and text please enter the following information, which we will use in your listings.

Terms of service:

1. Link fees are non refundable

2. Scenes of Vermont-PB Publishing reserves the right to cancel links without notice if payment for links is not received in a timely manner.

3. It is the client's responsibility to update information in their listing through a web interface. Upon an initial sign up , we will copy the required information found on your web site and notifiy you that it can be updated/changed with a username and password supplied to you.

4. We do not provide technical support for your listing without a maintenance agreement. Contact us if you need more information about this aspect of web services


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