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Scenes of Vermont Multimedia Requirements

Many of the he movies on this site require:

  • QuickTime 6.0 or above.
  • Internet Connection Speed of 512kbps or higher & QuickTime Connection Speed set accordingly.
  • Windows XP, MacOS 9.01, or MacOS 10.1.5 or above

Please check the table below to verify that the right version of QuickTime is installed.

QuickTime Version:
QuickTime Connection Speed:
Computer Operating System:

To update QuickTime, please download and run the latest QuickTime installer.

It's free, and can be downloaded at

Note that during the installation process you may be asked to register the software. Just ignore this page by pushing enter to continue the installation process. QuickTime is free unless you want the professional version which enables you to edit movies. Scenes of Vermont strongly recommends QuickTime. This Apple software offers the best audio (better than MP3 and better than Flash or Windows Media Player.)

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