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Bread and Puppet Sour Dough Philosophy Circus 2008

Every summer the Bread and Pupper Theatre in Glover, Vermont puts on outdoor theatre. The Sour Dough Phlosophy Circus was a fun, tongue-in-cheek commentary on recent US news events. This is typical Bread and Puppet and as usual some of the skits very funny. Of course, if you are not au fait with US news events and don't watch commercial American TV you may not get all the quips.

View our video coverage of Bread and Puppet's summer 2008 Circus

We videoed the Circus on four different Sundays and have compiled a series of high definition (HD) Video that you can see on

There are also some links here to text coverage of Bread and Puppet in the late 1990s before it was forced to close the big events.

Bread and Puppet 1997

Bread and Puppet - the last big Circus in Glover